Who are we? Nomads was founded by Jonah Rubin and Jacob Mogerman while working together at the Dancing Camel. The two found that they shared a common philosophy on beer and Zionism. While on shared breaks during the hectic work day at the Camel they would spitball ideas for crazy, interesting, and distinctly Israeli beers. These impromptu brainstorming sessions quickly turned into a crazy homebrewing project. In 2019 Nomads finally took the next step by introducing our flagship beer, Saison de Zion, to the market. Since then the crazy R&D sessions have continued. We draw our inspiration from some of the most unlikely places, whether it be a Tiyul, a Friday night dinner, or an anniversary; all our beers are informed by the land of Israel, the people in it, and our experiences of it.

Yonah and Jacob
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